PRESS RELEASE: Chicago Greektown Educational Foundation Receives $12,000 Grant from the Hellenic Foundation

Chicago Greektown Educational Foundation (CGEF) has been awarded a $12,000 Hellenic Foundation grant to support CGEF’s Greek Classroom Technology Program.

The Hellenic Foundation grant will allow the Chicago Greektown Educational Foundation to increase its capacity to provide technology and digital curriculum to more Greek schools and students.

Funding will be used to increase the number of technological devices provided to schools, including iPads and tablets, along with licenses for Greek software programs for hundreds of students.

“As technology becomes an integral part of students’ lives, the Chicago Greektown Educational Foundation Greek Classroom Technology Program provides an opportunity to learn interactively by utilizing the latest software and programs,” said Irene Koumi, President of the Chicago Greektown Educational Foundation.

“We are so grateful for the generous support of the Hellenic Foundation,” she said. “The Hellenic Foundation grant will have a direct impact on dozens of students and will help us provide them with the technological resources they need to be successful.”

About Chicago Greektown Educational Foundation

Since 2014, Chicago Greektown Educational Foundation, has dedicated itself to providing resources for Greek language education. CGEF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is governed by a dedicated volunteer board of directors that secures funds for educational materials and tools; develops initiatives that integrate technology into Greek language programs; and establishes and distributes tuition scholarships. Funds are allocated to programs at individual schools as well as to pilot projects which integrate technology into Greek language classrooms.